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Learn with Rufus

Have fun learning how facial expressions reveal what people are feeling!
Elmo Loves ABCs

Fun and educational games, activities, and videos that help teach your child about letters, letter sounds, and words!
My Cough Drop

CoughDrop is a simple, modern AAC communication and support tool that empowers individuals and the teams around them.
Montessori Numbers

Learn to Count from 1 to 1000 &
Other Math Activities
Alien Buddies

Engaging activities, varied levels, visual & audio modes to reinforce color, shape, number and letter learning.
Pocket ASL

Pocket Sign offers hundreds of video sign language ASL lessons packed in small sized lessons.
Proloquo2Go (ACC aid)

Symbol-supported communication app for language/communication development.
Letter Quiz

Four different games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, matching and handwriting.
The Sounding Out Machine

Assistive Reading Device with focus on challenging words and sounded them out.
ABC Alphabet Phonics

Photo Touch is an exciting educational game that helps your child rapidly learn the ABC by sight, sound, and touch. 
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Endless Numbers
As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, set the stage for early numeracy learning with Endless Numbers! Kids will have a blast learning number recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, and simple addition with the adorable Endless monsters. 

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